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Surtreat operates according to the principle that responsibility for the environment is an integral part of every project that we execute.

Surtreat Project Managers operate to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, with emphasis on prevention and to minimize adverse environmental impacts by identifying and controlling potential environmental risks in advance.

Furthermore, Surtreat uses water-soluble organic and inorganic materials that are environmentally safe. Our systems contain no VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and have been tested by leading environmental firms showing no effect on the turbidity, pH, or dissolved oxygen content levels in water.

Surtreat's formulations bond inorganic compounds to the structure where they become part of the steel and concrete matrix indefinitely. Leaving no residues, coatings or materials that could potentially harm humans, animals, fish and the environment. Surtreat has been granted waivers and exemptions from the Environmental Quality Act, California Costal Commission, and other state and county agencies for use of its chemical treatment formulas, due to their non-toxic nature.
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