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"Any breakthrough in corrosion mitigation technology will have a significant impact on the integrity of this nation's infrastructure"

- Dr. Rupert Lee
NASA Project Engineer

Surtreat provides full service, innovative, technical solutions for the restoration and prevention of deterioration and corrosion in steel-reinforced concrete structures. Since 1989, Surtreat's unique and proven approach ensures our ability to deliver cost-effective systems for extending a structure's service life.

Surtreat provides diagnostic testing and site analysis to identify the scope of problems for each project, manufacture and prescribe site-specific solutions, control material application and verify performance through further testing and analysis.

Surtreat scientists have developed more than twenty-seven proprietary chemical systems, which have been effectively utilized for:

  • Corrosion Inhibition
  • Increasing compressive, flexural and tensile strength
  • Extracting and pacifying Chlorides
  • Decreasing water permeability- porosity reduction
  • Chemical and acid resistance
  • Environmental contaminant resistance
  • Increasing surface adhesion and hardness
  • Elevating and stabilizing pH value
  • Pacifying Alkali-silica reaction
Surtreat provides comprehensive solutions to problems - not just materials.

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