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Surface-Applied Concrete Solutions to Renew, Restore, & Repair

Surtreat Solutions, Inc. is a privately held, Pennsylvania-based chemical technology company focused on developing proprietary solutions that restore the properties of deteriorating concrete, stone, masonry, brick, and block structures. 

Our concrete solutions offer a systemic approach utilizing chemistry to permanently inhibit corrosion in reinforced concrete elements and provide an alternative to less permanent costly concrete repair practices (or cycles).

SURTREAT® solutions react chemically with the cement phase of concrete to improve its properties.

SURTREAT® concrete applications restore and improve concrete strength, reduce permeability, and inhibit corrosion of the embedded reinforcement. This reduces the need for removal and replacement methods ordinarily associated with concrete repair work. 

SURTREAT® solutions reduce costs and provide for longer lasting concrete restoration and protection results. Our materials extend structure service life, reduce maintenance costs associated with structure operation, and protect the environment by restoring the properties of substrates and minimizing repair remove and replace.

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Safety & Environmental Standards

We believe in life extending concrete solutions and follow all necessary guidelines and protocol for a guaranteed application process. We follow ASTM specifications, and are ICRI and GHS compliant.

United Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS)

UFGS warrants the credibility of our solutions in any federal, US Army Corp of Engineers design projects. Any project that requires corrosion inhibitors and is guided by the UFGS specification can be fulfilled by our solutions.

International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI)

Our ties with ICRI go back to the moving efforts of Robert Walde, a SURTREAT® founder part of producing the corrosion guidelines for surface applied corrosion inhibitors. Our solutions are directly in line with the ICRI guidelines that defines practices used for sustainable solutions within the concrete repair industry.

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

Our membership with ASTM ensures that the concrete testing and data we provide is accurate. We follow all ASTM guidelines with unmatched engineering service on each project.



  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Deliverable in a short time frame
  • Proven chemical technology
  • Well-established products
  • Quality materials


• Compressive, flexural and tensile strength increase
• Water-soluble chloride reduction
• Moderation of pH
• Water permeability reduction including static pressure resistance
• Gas resistivity improvement
• Chemical resistivity increase
• Corrosion inhibition of the embedded reinforcement
• Increase resistivity to pitting and spalling due to freeze/thaw cycles

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Office Staff

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“Of the several corrosion inhibitors tested, SURTREAT®’s vapor-migrating inhibitor was a top performer and was subsequently used on Kennedy’s Launch Pad 39A and other reinforced concrete structures at the space center.”

Joe Curran – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


437 Grant Street, Frick Building Suite 1210, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 USA