Concrete Repair Cost Reduction & Structure Life Span



Properly designed newly constructed concrete structures are inherently durable.

High original pH, low permeability, and high compressive strength of concrete all play a part to protect and maintain the design properties preserved.


Maintaining concrete structures in good condition is important. To protect concrete and the embedded steel from deleterious environment multiple tools are available.

These may include periodic washing for surfaces exposed to chlorides/deicing, keeping track of proper drainage, applying coatings and sealants, and many others. 


The deterioration of concrete is a chemical process. Once diminished corrosion of the embedded reinforcement can start, structures losses its design capacity as well as becomes unsightly with instances of delamination and spalling.

Often, delamination and spalling are what alerts facilities operators to the issue. The remedy usually includes taking out and replacing of the failed sections.


Owners often seek to deal with the symptoms of concrete deterioration rather than the underlying cause. While the deterioration may be visible in a few areas, the entire structure is usually affected.

Removing and replacing small portions while leaving the rest unattended creates an endless cycle of maintenance and concrete repair costs associated with operating aging facilities.


Costs associated with piece-by-piece structure replacement of the conventional approach:

• Extensive Removal costs
• Extensive Disposal costs
• Extensive Replacement
• Extensive Noise/pollution
• Extensive Shutdown

Once the deterioration starts these are repeated with ever increasing regularity.

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The SURTREAT® Approach to Cost Savings

Concrete repair costs can add up. Instead of the piecemeal year after year expense and inconvenience of repair work, SURTREAT® designs a comprehensive approach addressing the underlying causes of the deterioration combined with the innovative physical concrete repair methods. These methods restore the protective function of concrete components in relation to the steel reinforcement as well as improve and maintain concrete original surfaces fault free.

Through application of our concrete solutions, the protective properties of concrete are maintained and improved. This comprehensive approach allows us to reduce maintenance costs, concrete repair costs, and prevent further deterioration.

SURTREAT® in Action

By applying SURTREAT® chemical solutions, which penetrate and combine to improve concrete properties, much of the original integrity to the structure is restored. These benefits include:

  • Corrosion protection
  • Water soluble chloride reduction
  • pH maintenance
  • Improvement in strength
  • Water permeability reduction

Direct Cost Reduction with Repairs

Direct concrete repair cost savings by restoring the properties of concrete already in place reduces the need for removal. By addressing the underlying issue of corrosion, future delamination and spalling is prevented. Cost benefits are characterized by:

• Reduced removal costs
• Reduced disposal costs
• Reduced replacement
• Reduced noise/pollution
• Reduced shutdown

Cost Reduction with Future Maintenance

In addition to restoring and improving concrete properties and providing an added layer of protection to the embedded reinforcement, future maintenance costs associated with design operations are also reduced.

Structure Life Span & Life Extension

With a long-standing company history, SURTREAT® is proven to increase the structure life span of concrete as structures deteriorate and fail primarily due to the loss of integrity of the embedded reinforcement. Corroding rebar expansion leads to cracking/delamination, loss of rebar mass to loss of structural integrity, which inhibits rebar corrosion at any stage of the process and extends the structure life.

Cost Performance: SURTREAT® Cost vs. Alternative Cost




Alternative Cost

Allright Parking Columbus, OH, Parking structure rehabilitation, 1990 $173,500 $1.4 mil
Port Authority City of Pittsburgh, PA, Bridge foundation restoration, 1991 $32,000 $240,000
DOE Fermco Nuclear site, Fernald OH, Storage Pad Protection, 1995 $170,000 $510,000
Essex Waste Management Warehouse Floor Protection, 1996 $31,617 $250,000

“Alternative Cost” describes the restoration estimate based on an engineering study or the lowest bid.


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