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Meet Our Team Of Corrosion Experts
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Tony Fiasco

Co-Founder & President

With over 30 years of industry experience, Tony provides SURTREAT® with a technical focus. He consults the group regarding SURTREAT® technology, operations, and marketing. Tony’s leadership goes beyond the company; he is on the Board of Directors of Federal Credit Union and an active member of Pittsburgh ACI Chapter.

Tony spent 18 years with Allied Signal Corp. in finance, auditing, and general management positions ranging from Controller to Manager of Financial Operations. Following Allied Signal, Tony was Executive Vice President of a distribution and energy company, and prior to Surtreat, President of an inland marine transportation company. He is a graduate of Rutgers University and holds a B.S. in Accounting.

Robert Walde

Co-Founder & Vice President (Chief Technical Officer)

Focused on the developments in surface applied technology, Bob manages the research and development of the solutions SURTREAT® provides. Bob leads the production of products at SURTREAT® and also stands as the President of BCI Coating LLC, where paint VCI primer is made.

Bob’s extensive background in technology, chemical research, industrial design, and market development has made him an integral part of SURTEAT®’s business model. Most of Bob’s career has been spent with major U.S. companies – Allegheny International, Air Products, American Bioculture and Gulf Oil Corp., where he was Vice President-Technology. Bob has 25 U.S. Patents under his name and holds degrees from Georgetown, Carnegie-Mellon and Lehigh Universities in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Business Administration.

Julie K. Mizzi

Chief Executive Officer & President

As the CEO and President, Julie provides the support necessary to build the SURTREAT® brand of surface applied technologies and concrete solutions. With over 40 years in the field of specialty concrete repair and restoration, Julie’s leadership is focused on actively increasing sales and margins for the company in a variety of outlets.

Julie’s experience has led her to make key business decisions for the company. Her background includes project management, specialized concrete restoration, Shotcrete, hydro-demolition, concrete repair, carbon fiber, sacrificial corrosion protection, chloride extraction, post-tensioning repair, and installation of proprietary tools and products.

Denise Cortes

Director of Business Operations

With over 30 years of management experience in the construction industry, Denise coordinates the efforts that exist within the organization. Denise implements all necessary processes and procedures to ensure consistency and efficiency in our business.

Denise takes on an important role at SURTREAT®, administering projects, contracts, accounting, customer relations, and communication. Through personally developed processes and procedures, Denise ensures a successful project completion.

Max Merzlikin

Solutions Specialist

Max has been responsible for testing, systems application, quality control, and job site safety for over 13 years. He has a Bachelors Degree from University of Moscow and MBA from California University Waynesburg, PA.

Based out of Ontario, Canada, Max is the coordinator of SURTREAT®’s international activity. Max has travelled extensively for SURTREAT® throughout the US, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and Turkey.

Gregory Mellor

Director of Estimating- Product & Solution Development

Focused specifically on management, Greg develops and prices new solutions and facilitates pricing with certified applicators.

Some of the key components in Greg’s role consist of drafting specifications and requirements for projects, performing material testing, and writing technical specifications. His operational and sales experience is needed to work with contractors and within specialty composite.

Keith Kruse

Director of Marketing

With over 30 years in the concrete repair and restoration industry and work done in over 15 countries, Keith’s expansive knowledge aids in his Marketing role.

Keith focuses on SURTREAT® applications with a concentrated effort on sales. His experience extends to epoxy injection, poly urethane grouting, gunite, cathodic protection, high performance coating, spall repairs, bridge jacking, commercial diving, and structural strengthening using carbon fiber and steel.

Frank Jad

Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Having engaged in management activities for the past 10 years, Frank actively supports the Marketing Department to aid in SURTREAT® applications and product development. 

Frank performs market research to support the marketing efforts that he conducts.

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