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When applied to any reinforced concrete structure, SurCoRepair is a concrete repair solution proven to reduce the rate and causes of rebar corrosion- all while increasing strength sufficient to extend structure life by more than 10 years.

Concrete Solutions

  • Life Extender System
  • Life Extender
  • Rebar Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Spalling Inhibitor
  • Surcoat + Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Surcoat
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Surfaces with high impact wear and tear, such as brick and limestone structures, are oftentimes in need of protection that will strengthen. SurCoShield increases surface hardness and strength while reducing sensitivity to reaction with acids and surface porosity.

Concrete Solutions

  • Concrete Abrasion Resistance
  • Concrete Chemical Resistance
  • Brick & Limestone Protection System
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Is your concrete structure/building experiencing ASR crack patterns or crack formations? Our SurCoInhbit solution slows down both the FeS oxidation and ASR reaction to increase tensile strength, inhibit water penetration, and resist crack formation.

Concrete Solutions

  • Pyrrhotite
  • ASR
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When it comes to structures like concrete beams, pillars, and walls, concrete surface strength and rebar corrosion can become a problem. SurCoPrimer is the chemically crafted primer to increase tensile strength and inhibit rebar corrosion.

Concrete Solutions

  • Coating + Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Coating
  • Masonry + Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Masonry
  • FRP + Corrosion Inhibitor
  • FRP
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Whether you are working with new concrete or a curing a product for new concrete pours, SurCoNew is proven to keep your concrete lasting. SurCoNew is a long-lasting, low impact corrosion inhibitor as well as an accelerator to increase tensile strength.

Concrete Solutions

  • New Concrete
  • Concrete Curing Compound
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SurCoClean is used for all concrete structures that have concrete pores filled with contaminates. Our advanced solution decontaminates the concrete and purges it from dirt and other contaminants. SurCoClean also acts as a gas station solution for fuel and oil contaminated concrete.

Concrete Solutions

  • Purge 
  • Gas Station Solution
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Concrete Restoration Projects


Ocean City Longport Bridge

The Ocean City Longport Bridge in New Jersey had visual micro-cracking in the bridge deck concrete. This micro-cracking occurred the entire length even though the bridge had only been in service for less than a year.


Turnpike Bridge EB-526

Turnpike had bridge deterioration and increasing structure life back in the mid-90s. Some signs of rebar corrosion and deterioration were present. The bridge deck was an asphalt surface over reinforced concrete.


Railroad Overpass

Railroad overpass had concrete deck failure; surface failure, rebar corrosion and exposure, and concrete spalling. Failure was consistent with chloride contamination and chemical breakdown of the concrete.


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