Concrete Testing

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Quality Concrete Solutions With Testing & Reporting

Concrete Testing Protocol for Structure Assessment

  • Concrete strength
  • Hardness
  • Corrosion potential
  • Permeability
  • Chloride content
  • Chemical reactivity
  • pH

Depending on structure condition, purpose, suspected causes of deterioration all or some of the tests may be performed. This information allows for a prescriptive solution to be generated with careful product selection to meet the customer needs as well as application installation procedures suitable in each case.

SURTREAT® Concrete Evaluation and Data Reporting

This individual approach allows us to raise the standards and outperform the competition by far with regards to application performance results. In addition it allows us to always be on the move developing better more effective ways to bring value to our customers. The data collected from projects helps us to improve our product lines and create new improve application protocols and ensure quality for our customers.

SURTREAT® project reports cover a variety of specialized work completed for owners and operators of parking garages, bridges, airports, manufacturing, various public utilities, military installations, and other facilities available from us.

Please send us a request for information on any project data, testing, or project report.

Concrete Testing & Performance Results

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“The data obtained during testing on this project show quantitatively that the corrosion inhibitor application significantly reduced the corrosion rate of the rebar on the tested structures. It can be projected that the service life of these structures has been extended by more than 10 years.”



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