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Our goal is to preserve, protect, restore, and repair concrete surfaces exposed to aggressive environments, pollutants, acid rain, freeze/thaw, and other destructive phenomena. We achieve this by chemically modifying the properties of Portland cement concrete by improving strength, reducing permeability, providing for chemical resistivity and inhibiting the embedded rebar corrosion.

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Concrete Decontaminator and Concrete Protection

Focused on concrete surface protection, SurCoClean is a group of solutions applied to concrete surfaces to extract, remove, purge, and encapsulate existing contamination.

SurCoClean solutions protect concrete surfaces by safely removing contamination. The application consolidates within the concrete microstructure to displace and purge the contaminants out to the surface where they can be cleaned and disposed of.

SurCoClean is a penetrating solution. It does not exist on the surface once the material is applied. Concrete surfaces purged of contamination using SurCoClean can be safely coated or protected using FRP or any other kind of surface protection, strengthening, and repair material.

Surface Preservation Components

SurCoClean solutions also include some surface preservation components should no other surface protection be required or specified. SurCoClean components are effective to repel water born contaminants such as chlorides or hydrocarbon based contaminants fuel and oil.

SurCoClean solution used on chloride contaminated concrete surfaces penetrates fully, consolidating within and displacing water-soluble chlorides out to the surface where they can be safely collected and removed. Additionally, SurCoClean encapsulates the remaining contaminants at depths where they cannot be extracted out to the surface to prevent them from migrating further toward the rebar.

By including surface protection components, SurCoClean restricts future water-soluble contaminants from entering concrete porosity.

sSurCoClean removes the contamination and prevents future instances such as when the water-soluble contaminants are reapplied.

SurCoClean solutions are effective to prevent and protect against the onset of chloride-induced corrosion in reinforced concrete structures.

A Chemical Solution for Concrete Surface Protection

Surfaces contaminated with hydrocarbons such as fuel and oils can also be safely purged using SurCoClean surface protection solutions. The penetrating materials re-dissolve and displace contaminants from concrete surfaces. Concrete surface porosity is reduced following this application. SurCoClean solutions are used for fuel and oil contaminated surface includes a durable repellant component to prevent future contamination to keep surfaces clean.

SurCoClean reduces operator’s maintenance costs, prevents staining, and keeps the appearance of concrete structures in better condition.

SurCoClean solutions can be used as a preventative means when applied to new concrete surfaces. SurCoClean is effective to repel both water born and oil based contaminants. New structures receiving a SurCoClean solutions are less expensive to maintain and have lower operating costs, including routine repair and restoration. SurCoClean is part of the SURTREAT® concrete life extension program.

Restore, Protect, & Repair With Our Solution For Dirty Concrete


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