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Our goal is to preserve, protect, restore, and repair concrete surfaces exposed to aggressive environments, pollutants, acid rain, freeze/thaw, and other destructive phenomena. We achieve this by chemically modifying the properties of Portland cement concrete by improving strength, reducing permeability, providing for chemical resistivity and inhibiting the embedded rebar corrosion.

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ASR & Pyrrhotite: Increase Tensile Strength, Inhibit Water Penetration, Resist Crack Formations

Blocking Chemically Reactive Aggregates

SurCoInhibit is group of solutions specifically designed to counteract the deleterious effects and damage connected to the use of chemically reactive aggregates in concrete.

Alkali Aggregate Reactions (AAR) occur when aggregates in concrete react with the alkali hydroxides in concrete producing a hygroscopic gel which, in the presence of moisture, absorbs water and causes expansion and cracking over a period of many years.

SurCoInhibit minimizes the affected areas of concrete removal by chemically modifying the chemical and physical properties of the impacted substrate.

SurCoInhibit alleviates the deterioration by reducing chemical reactivity normally associated with an AAR attack. Additionally, SurCoInhibit solution is designed to resist cracking by strengthening cement bonds and preventing moisture from accessing the reactive sights. In combination, this SurCoInhibit solution creates a reliable shield against the deterioration.

Corrosion Prevention for Steel Reinforced Structures

In steel reinforced structures, this SurCoInhibit solution also stops and prevents the corrosion of the embedded reinforcement. With corrosion prevention in SurCoInhibit, the materials penetrate fully and are particularly effective in combination with FRP and other forms of surface protection.

For additional corrosion prevention, SurCoInhibit solution can be installed using equipment for pressurised delivery with vacuum attachments and other methods.

Whether it is pyrrhotite, alkali-silica reaction or any other form of AAR, our experienced team using SurCoInhibit solutions is standing by to assist with evaluation, testing, project design and implementation.

Corrosion Prevention Solutions for ASR & Pyrrhotite




ASTM C1260


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