Pittsburgh, PA – Coordinated Systems Consulting, a leader in the restorative construction industry, has acquired SURTREAT®, technologies specializing in surface applied solutions for structural repair and restoration. This acquisition comes as CSC (Coordinated System Consulting) aims to expand their portfolio of life extending construction technologies in order to provide their customers, partners and clients with the most economical, environmentally friendly, efficient, and effective solutions for their structural repair and strengthening needs.

The purchase of SURTREAT®, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, further increases CSC’s market share in the structural repair and strengthening market in the US, and beyond, as Surtreat Solutions operates around the world, including the Middle East, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. With their shared vision of minimizing the carbon footprint of concrete removal and replacement and providing customers with the most innovative solutions on the market, both companies are excited for this newfound synergy. “This is a very exciting opportunity for both companies and the research and development team of Surtreat Solutions. We’ve already successfully collaborated on several projects in the past, so the decision to combine our resources in the form of acquisition was a logical next step. With this acquisition we will continue to provide innovative cost effective solutions for asset owners around the world” says Anthony Fiasco, co-founder and inventor of Surtreat technologies.

CSC will begin integrating Surtreat Innovative SurCoPrimer into their FRP Solutions to offer customers the only FRP Solution that stabilizes the concrete substrate and provides protection from future corrosion while offering significant extension of service life to the structure and the FRP repair. With the new combination of resources, including Surtreat’s renowned R&D lab at the University of Pittsburgh, Surtreat and CSC customers will benefit from the most innovative, turn-key, environmentally friendly, cost effective, life extending structural solutions for concrete, brick, masonry, steel, and other structural elements. Surtreat is unique as it migrates through the concrete and does not sit on top like a traditional coating. During migration, Surtreat chemically restructures the concrete to increase the strength, decrease porosity, increase pH, and form a protective film around the rebar, resulting in mitigation from existing and protection from future deterioration. “The combination of Surtreat’s innovative technologies with CSC’s abundant expertise and leadership in the repair and strengthening market creates an entirely new category of surface applied life extending solutions that are more cost effective, efficient, and environmentally favorable over more traditional removal and replacement methods.” says Julie Mizzi, CEO of Coordinated Systems Consulting.

Both companies remain focused on educating engineers, law makers, consumers, employees, etc., on the importance of understanding, treating, and curing the underlying issues causing the deterioration as opposed to treating the symptoms with a band aid approach that forego an understanding of repercussions to structure owners and the environment. Surtreat Solutions provides the migrating technology, research, and development to be able to offer permanent cures that will provide significant service life extension for the customer’s asset with an environmentally friendly approach that is more efficient, effective, all at a lower cost.

About CSC: 

Coordinated Systems Consulting, Inc. integrates years of experience in the structural repair and strengthening market to order provide holistic solutions for customers. CSC is a certified applicator in many cutting edge technologies, with special expertise in Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Laminates. As a solutions consultant and specialty installation contractor, and now material manufacturer, CSC can warrant the success of their solutions from design through product development and advanced engineering. With a WOSB certification, CSC provides best in class service while diversifying the construction industry.

About Surtreat Solutions:

Surtreat Solutions, Inc. is a privately held, chemical technology company focused on developing proprietary solutions that restore the properties of deteriorating concrete, stone, masonry, steel, brick, and block structures. As residents of the historic Frick Building in downtown Pittsburgh, Surtreat Solutions has been a Pennsylvania based company since it’s inception. Our proprietary environmentally friendly migrating chemistry reorganizes the chemical structure to mitigate and permanently inhibit future deterioration of structures.