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Using our custom FRP primer solutions, projects that utilize FRP applications can increase durability and the life of the applied laminate materials. By eliminating rebar corrosion and strengthening the concrete surface by eliminating laminate delamination, our solution is the perfect pairing to your FRP installation. 

Below we detail all of the technical elements of our solution and the specifications of application. 


Featured FRP Primer Projects

LaGuardia Airport

At LaGuardia airport, we utilized our FRP primer formula to strengthen the application of several FRP instals at the airport facility. Our formula not only stregthened the FRP applications but it will protect the laminate materail from corrosion for years to come.



Our goal is to preserve, protect, restore, and repair concrete surfaces exposed to aggressive environments, pollutants, acid rain, freeze/thaw, and other destructive phenomena. We achieve this by chemically modifying the properties of Portland cement concrete by improving strength, reducing permeability, providing for chemical resistivity and inhibiting the embedded rebar corrosion.

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Corrosion Inhibiting FRP Primer and FRP Strengthener

What is a FRP primer? 

FRP Primer is a high- performance, anti-corrosive primer for use on concrete substrates where it is desirable to block current corrosive properties and prevent future corrosion formation prior to the application of FRP, coatings, overlays and other epoxy systems.

What is FRP and how does your FRP Primer work?

Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) are applied to building components in some state of disrepair to add outer reinforcement, where substrate properties are often lacking. By implementing SurCoPrimer, our innovative FRP Primer, a stable and durable substrate is emphasized through increased tensile and compressive strength. In addition, any corrosion is pacified, inhibited, and reversed to prevent future delamination due to corrosive rebar expansion.

What are the benefits of our FRP Primer?

Combined application our FRP primer on concrete surfaces prior to the application of FRP has proven to increase durability and life of the FRP System by eliminating rebar corrosion and concrete surface strength, which would cause delamination of the FRP

How do you apply your FRP primer and corrosion inhibiting primer?

Apply SCP I first and allow to dry and migrate into the concrete surface. Recommend allowing 4 to 8 hours between applications of SCP I and II. Make light application of water after application of SCP II has dried to drive all ingredient into concrete cement.



How does your FRP Primer stop corrosion and strengthen concrete?

Our FRP & Corrosion Inhibitor is a two-layer surface applied product system for use on concrete surfaces in preparation for the installation of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcing laminates.

SurCoPrimer – FRP Layer I (SCP I) migrates from concrete surface to reinforcing steel and inhibits corrosion.

SurCoPrimer – FRP Layer II (SCP II) reacts with the concrete cement to increase dynamic tensile yield strength.

Do you have specifications for your FRP Primer?

SCP I (our first part of our FRP Primer) corrosion inhibitor performance is measured by ASTM G109 and verified by ICRI Guide 510.2-2019 and UFGS 09 97 23.17.

SCP II (the second part of our FRP Primer) tensile yield strength increase is measured by ASTM C1538 and ASTM C7522.

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