What Is The Best Way To Protect A Concrete Floor? 

The best way to protect your concrete floor is to enhance the chemical makeup of the concrete to protect against wear and tear. Coatings and epoxies sit on the surface, offering temporary protection that will eventually wear down and need to be replaced, or will fail and lead to damage to the concrete. The best way to ensure protection and treatment of your concrete flooring is by using a solution that penetrates the concrete.  

Surtreat’s concrete surface repair solutions are chemically reactive and a permanent solution existing entirely within the concrete microstructure that cannot be peeled or scratched off. Water-repellent components are added to SurCoShield solutions depending on project requirements. 

SurCoShield is a surface protective agent and corrosion inhibitor that penetrates into the concrete surface. All of the benefits of this application are internal to substrates and encompass the protection of architectural components such as brick, block, mortar, and stone.


How Do You Protect A Concrete Floor? 

The best way to protect a concrete floor is to prevent any damage before it even happens. Otherwise, the cost to expel the chemicals spilled and repair the damage caused to the concrete could be much more than the cost of protecting your flooring. Depending on your industry, there are different approaches to protecting your concrete flooring.  


Manufacturing Facilities: For manufacturing facilities, a main concern is concrete flooring being exposed to chemicals through spills, drops, and general production. SurCoShield provides superior protection for your concrete flooring. The chemical resistance of concrete is improved through neutralizing reactive cement components and rendering them chemically inert. SurCoShield renders concrete surfaces virtually impermeable to chemical solutions, providing protection for incidental chemical spillage. 

Parking Garages: Parking garages, especially outdoor garages, are exposed to an incredible amount of wear and tear, including freezing, sunlight, rain, stress, and heavy vehicle traffic. Because of this, the solution for parking garages must be hard working and reliable. SurCoShield solutions are proven to penetrate concrete surfaces to restore and enhance cement phase properties for durability and hardness, as well as abrasion and impact resistance. 

Chemical, Oil, and Gas Facilities: Just like manufcaturing facilities, a main concern for chemical, oil, and gas facilities are spills and general usage wear and tear on their concrete flooring. To help with this concern, SurCoShield provides reassurance from damage caused by these spills. SurCoShield applied surfaces remain cleaner due to resist-staining properties. Water and hydrocarbon repelling components can be included in SurCoShield solutions to ease facility maintenance operations. 


How Do I Protect My Concrete Floor From Chemical Spills?  

Chemical spills can render your concrete damage, stained, and sometimes, irreparable. The best way to stop this is to prevent it from happening. SucCoShield concrete solutions are created to migrate through the concrete clearing it from contaminants, making it harder and resistant to daily wear and tear as well as chemical damage. The services that SucCoShield provides prevent contamination and resist the penetration that occurs when contaminants are spilled onto concrete. The SucCoShield process seals and hardens concrete surfaces while providing protection against acid and salt attacks. 



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