Infrastructure Advocacy 

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Structural Concrete Restoration for Infrastructure Projects 

We need your help, as an informed citizen, to write our policy makers, law makers, and politicians to help them discover this solution. This call to action is not a marketing ploy or a waste of your time – it is a direct, tangible solution to help change outdated policy that prevents this nation’s infrastructure from receiving the repair it so desperately needs. 

The Infrastructure In America Needs Your Help 

10 Injured In Pittsburgh Bridge Collapses, 2022

13 Dead, 145 Injured In Minneapolis Interstate 35W Bridge Collapse, 2007

6 Dead In Miami Pedestrian Bridge Collapse, 2019

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How Can You Help? Find Out Below. 

Help Us Reach Policymakers, Lawmakers, and Politicians

Using the form below, choose your district and representative. Our team of qualified engineers have prewritten a letter that explains the problem and the obvious solution that will save your tax dollars and demonstrate just how our infrastructure in America can be repaired for a fraction of traditional rip-and-replace methods. To find your congressional representative, use this tool provided by the United States House of Representatives: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative 

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