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In the United States, there are 42 states that require continuing professional competency for Licensed Professional Engineers. If you are a Licensed Engineer in one of those states, then you need to enroll in PDH or CEU classes / webinars to gather these credits. Luckily, Surtreat Solutions has several presentations that you can use to gather PDH credits! To learn more about our featured presentations, please see more below:

Featured PDH Credited Presentations


#20218047– Environmental Impacts of Concrete – 1 PDH Credit

This course defines the components of concrete production and explores the impacts that it has on the environment through the emissions produced. Through case studies, the environmental impact of restoring existing structures is defined through the reduction of thermal pollution, emissions and acid rain constituents.

This course is to define the environmental impact of concrete production and educate participants on the benefits of concrete restoration and repair and how these efforts can play a positive role in the protection of the environment.


#20218046–Surface Applied Solutions for Concrete Repair – 1 PDH Credit

This course defines the chemistry behind the corrosion that lies within concrete structures. Testing methods and solutions are explored along with life extension methods to ensure the reliability of the structures in place and the sustainability of the future.

This course is to develop the audience’s understanding of the corrosion process within concrete and to define a solution that costs less from a monetary and environmental standpoint when compared to traditional tear out and replace methods.

#20218048 ‐ Pyrrhotite – 1 PDH Credit 

This course explores the benefits of surface applied concrete restoration and protection technology with respect to the Pyrrhotite issue that has been threating the livelihood of homeowners across the United States.

This course is to educate the audience on the residential focus of surface applied concrete restoration and protection technology, a proven alternative solution to traditional tear out and replace methods.


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What Is A PDH Credit?

Professional Development Hour (PDH) is defined as one contact hour of instruction, presentation or study. Round off PDH to the nearest half hour. No activity under a half hour will be accepted for credit. For example, a qualifying activity of 30 to 49 minutes would be reported as 0.5 PDH and an activity of 50 to 70 minutes would be reported as 1.0 PDH. PDH is sometimes called PDU (Professional Development Unit).

How many PDH credits do you need for PE?

It depends on the state or states a Professional Engineer (PE) is licensed in. Its can be as little as 15 hours of PDH credits or up to 36 hours of PDH credits.

How do I get PDH credits?

In most states, Professional Engineers obtain PDH credits by participating in continuing education activities. These activities can include attending webinars, going to an engineering conference, or taking a self-study online engineering continuing education course. Taking one of our courses below counts as one PDH hour each. 

What are CEU hours?

A CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit. Some continuing education providers use CEUs instead of PDH credits for longer seminars or programs. 

How many PDH is a CEU?

A PDH is a professional development hour and represents 1 hour of a learning activity. A CEU is a continuing education unit and represent 10 hours of a learning activity.

What can I do with CEU credits?

The continuing education credits earned by a professional engineer (PE) are required in order to renew the license with the state the PE is licensed in.