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SURTREAT® applications are used in a variety of industries to achieve long-lasting structural protection. Our team is dedicated to adhering to the latest technology that ensures our products can withstand against the test of time. 


The deterioration of the nation’s infrastructure intensifies with the progression of time. The need for a chemical solution to not only protect, but extend the life of the structure is essential.

Parking Garages

Parking garages wear and tear due to rebar corrosion. With SURTREAT® surface applied solutions, concrete parking lot repair and restoration is cost effective with easy application for residential and commercial repair.

Power & Energy

Concrete restoration and repair for electrical utilities, gas distribution, utilities, and nuclear work.


Protection and correction of concrete for condominiums, multi unit dwellings, and single family homes.

Production & Manufacturing

The concrete solution of choice for production plants such as food processing, mining, petroleum refining, and more.


We work with universities and schools to maintain building structures and restore important monuments.


We help the military establish strong infrastructure from airfield runways to military pads, and more.

Historic Building Restoration & Monuments

Restoration and protection of historical buildings, stone and masonry statuary, and monuments.

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Concrete Restoration Projects


Ocean City Longport Bridge

The Ocean City Longport Bridge in New Jersey had visual micro-cracking in the bridge deck concrete. This micro-cracking occurred the entire length even though the bridge had only been in service for less than a year.


Turnpike Bridge EB-526

Turnpike had bridge deterioration and increasing structure life back in the mid-90s. Some signs of rebar corrosion and deterioration were present. The bridge deck was an asphalt surface over reinforced concrete.


Railroad Overpass

Railroad overpass had concrete deck failure; surface failure, rebar corrosion and exposure, and concrete spalling. Failure was consistent with chloride contamination and chemical breakdown of the concrete.


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