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Concrete Restoration and Remediation for the Power Industry

The need for energy in our lives is infinite, but the structures that deliver the energy that we need have a finite lifetime. SURTREAT® extends structure lifetime, avoiding costly maintenance and ensuring that individuals receive the energy that they need. According to NACE, there is $47.9 billion of corrosion costs associated with this market segment.

Concrete Repair Products for the Long-term

The concrete repair products that SURTREAT® provides are chemically designed to keep infrastructure in good working condition. We provide a complete solution to mitigate the effects that destroy the integrity of concrete. This is achieved when we stabilize concrete by controlling pH levels, establishing a protective film that is chemically more stable, purging contaminants and reducing porosity.

SURTREAT® has devoted a considerable amount of time and energy to ensure that it can provide solutions that can repair and increase the strength of the structures in this industry so consumers can receive the trade and supply of energy that they need.

When you partner with us, you get more than the concrete restoration application itself. Our clients receive services that diagnose the concrete structural problems, advise the best solution for the structure, apply the solution, and perform a post installation analysis that consists of concrete testing and reporting to ensure the longevity of our solutions.

Because our products are surface applied, our application process is rapid, especially when compared to alternative solutions. This prevents a power facility from experiencing extended operational downtime.

Restoring Concrete is a Safety First Approach

Safety is essential when it comes to concrete restoration. To provide the best service and standard of care, our solutions are packaged to comply with OSHA regulations. Our labels and safety data sheets adhere with the Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.

Our Power Concrete Repair Solutions Exist Within:

  • Drinking Water & Sewer Systems
  • Electrical Utilities
  • Gas Distribution
  • Utilities
  • Nuclear
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Power and Energy Restoration Projects


Detriot Edison

Prior to application of SURTREAT® the brick surfaces were soft and experiencing surface spalling. The concrete ceiling and floors were also showing symptoms of deterioration. Steel supports and fixtures were experiencing significant corrosion. The concrete surfaces were reactive with hydrochloric acid.


Exide Corporation

The floor area covering 800 sq ft is adjacent to the battery filling production line. Sulfuric acid has flowed onto the concrete floor over a period of time and caused surface erosion and subsurface contamination and deterioration. Exide wished to restore the floor so that the battery filling line can be relocated there.


437 Grant Street, Frick Building Suite 1210, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 USA