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Concrete Restoration Services & Solutions for Military Entities

Concrete restoration within the government market segment doesn’t show signs of slowing down, and the need for quality infrastructure and concrete restoration services continues to increase. According to NACE, there is $20.1 billion of corrosion costs associated with the government market segment.

Since 1989, SURTREAT® has taken a proactive approach to the way we develop, manufacture, and market our concrete restoration solutions for government agencies and projects. Our primary focus is to continue to work closely with the government and develop solutions that will not only attend to their future needs but also do so more efficiently.

Concrete Structure Deterioration

The main cause for concrete structure deterioration is corrosion of the reinforcing steel, otherwise known as rebar corrosion. The solutions that SURTREAT® provides attack deterioration in reinforced concrete through a chemical process. Corrosion is inhibited through our restoration applications.

Concrete Restoration Solutions for Aircraft Facilities

In aircraft facilities, fine cracks develop in concrete. As time progresses, additional cracks propagate and lead to the development of concrete fragments, Foreign Object Debris (FOD). If the facilities remain uncorrected, the Foreign Object Debris can become airborne and sucked into the engines causing damage. The solutions that SURTREAT® provides fight the formation of FODs and strengthens the facilities that aircraft operates in.

Concrete Testing and Data Reporting

While SURTREAT® materials vary to reflect the best interests of the structure, the way we approach each concrete problem follows a consistent process. Our engineers and experienced staff perform testing and analysis to understand the concrete structure’s existing conditions, as well as a follow-up with site-specific solutions to determine the best application treatment for the project.

SURTREAT® Application Steps
1. Surface preparation
2. Sequencing of formulas
3. Uniform application
4. Proper curing techniques
5. Post-application cleansing

Unlike alternative concrete repair methods, the SURTREAT® application process typically occurs over a few days, reducing operational downtime.

As concrete restoration experts, we stand by our solutions both through our reputation along with the tests performed and results that prove our solutions increase the life of concrete. In order to ensure the initial goals of the project were met, we periodically inspect the treated area and report the results until the applications have proven to accomplish the promised results.

Our Government-focused Concrete Restoration Services Exist Within:

  • Airport runways
  • Shuttle launch pads
  • Military base infrastructure
  • Roadways, driveways, walkways
  • Dock & wharf decks
  • Buildings
  • Parking pads
  • Sidewalks
  • Concrete, stone, & masonry
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Concrete Restoration Projects for Government



The Rocker panel base of Launch Pad 39A was experiencing severe concrete deterioration from exposure to a combination of corrosive atmospheric chlorides and fuel emission potassium percolate producing hydrochloric acid effluent from the shuttles rocket combustion system.


Robbins Air Force

Synthetic hydraulic fluid and engine oil leaking from B-l Bombers in beddown areas react with the concrete pads and cause the concrete to become weak. Gas turbine and engine exhaust causes the concrete to fragment resulting in possible foreign object damage (FOD).


US Army Critical Facilities in Coastal Environments

Three structures were selected during the 2006 inspection and identification process. Two were patrol bridges. The third structure was a ring girder in a Warehouse Building at Naha Military Port.


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