Historic Building Restoration & Monuments

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Concrete Solutions For Historic Restoration & Monument Preservation

Historic Restoration Importance

Historic building restoration and monument preservation are key parts of our business structure. At SURTREAT®, we understand the importance of prolonging structure life and restoring the beauty of historic buildings and monuments without altering the structure’s appearance. Our applications bring your historic buildings and monuments by improving its strength.

Environmental and Chemical Deterioration

Like educational buildings, the deterioration of historical buildings and monuments has become an accelerating problem due to the influx of pollutants in the environment. The pollutants produce harmful and acidic chemical compounds that attack and destroy chemical bonds. When the chemical bonds are destroyed, it allows for more inert components to separate and weather away.

The restoration of historic buildings and structures requires a chemical treatment to restore and protect the properties of the structure. Our solutions have been tested and proven for over 30 years to bring a quality, environmentally friendly and cost effective product to the market.

Specialized Methods to Protect and Preserve Historic Buildings

The proprietary chemical components that SURTREAT® implements into its solutions protect and preserve the appearance of decorative buildings and statuary structures.

Our historic building restoration solutions penetrate the surface of porous materials in vapor and liquid phases that modify the concrete chemistry, making it stronger and longer lasting.

Our concrete solutions for restoring buildings and monuments cover a multitude of improvements, the top three benefits indicated below:

1. Producing a stronger, more chemically resistant surface
2. Preventing water intrusion
3. Purging and stabilizing the contaminates while increasing chemical resistance to acid deterioration

SURTREAT® Application and Benefits for Stone and Masonry

The application of SURTREAT® renders porous substrate and cement structures more resistant to deterioration. This is achieved by reducing chemical reactivity, restricting porosity and prohibiting water penetration, while improving strength and preserving the integrity of substrate surfaces.

When it comes to our values, safety stands on its own pedestal. We are committed to producing environmentally friendly solutions safely and GHS compliant.

Our Historic Building Restoration & Preservation Services Exist Within:

  • Composite statues & monuments
  • Educational facilities
  • Carved stone statues & monuments
  • Concrete, brick, & block structures
  • Stone & Masonry
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Historic Restoration Projects


St. Joseph Church

Historic restoration showcasing the process of SURTREAT® application at St. Joseph Church for restoration and protection of religious statues and historical monuments.

historic-restoration-St-Hedwigs-Cemetery Duquesne-PA-1996

St. Hedgewig Church

Historic monuments are restored with SURTREAT® solutions. The deterioration of historical buildings and monuments has become an accelerating problem due to the influx of pollutants in the environment.


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