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Concrete Parking Lot Repair Solutions for Rebar Corrosion

Parking Garage Restoration Limits Rebar Corrosion

Rebar corrosion is not uniform as observed by the random pattern of deck surface concrete delamination and spalling. The extension of time between the need for concrete parking lot repairs caused by rebar corrosion is related to the control of corrosion hot spots. The SURTREAT® powerful anodic type of surface applied migratory corrosion inhibitors are proven to reduce the corrosion rate at these hot spots as well as the overall average corrosion rate.

Extend Your Parking Garage Repair Cycle With SURTREAT®

For parking garages and other concrete structures, testing proves that application of SURTREAT® corrosion inhibitors along with needed repairs will extend the time to the next repair cycle by 15 to 30 years.  

The corrosion rate of rebar in a parking structure deck is displayed on the following bar graph in terms of micrometers of rebar steel lost per year before and after application of the SURTREAT® corrosion inhibitor system. This system is composed of vapor and liquid phase migratory corrosion inhibitors that show how the damage causing corrosion hot spots are reduced down to the average level and will significantly extend the time before any new surface damage occurs.

Residential & Commercial Parking Lot Repair Benefits

  • Low cost and long-lasting parking garages
  • Proven performances with over 25 years of use on reinforced concrete structures
  • Reduces corrosion hot spots where most damage occurs


  • Easy to apply along with repairs
  • Increases strength and reduces porosity of concrete
  • Proven to extend parking structure life
  • Reduces parking garage maintenance costs

Parking Structure Deck Surface Data


Average corrosion rate before application of TPS XII and   TPS II = 100 micrometers of steel per year (µm/Yr)

Average corrosion rate after application = 28µm/Yr

Average rebar corrosion rate reduced by 72 µm/Yr

Average rate of top 5 corrosion hot spots before application   = 250µm/Yr

Average rate of top 4 corrosion hot spots after application = 21µm/Yr

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Parking Lot Repair Projects


JLT Parking

JLT Parking was seeking sustainable protection for the new structure. To achieve this, SURTREAT® improved the longevity and durability of the existing structure through the solutions we developed and applied.


West Penn Hospital

The issue within the structure included garage floor concrete deterioration and corrosion of the imbedded steel wearing. The problem was accelerated by chemical/physical breakdown, chloride contamination, steel corrosion, wear/impact, and freeze/thaw.



Examination of recently exposed corrosion in support beams shows serious spalling and delamination. SURTREAT® developed a solution to mitigate the corrosion and repair the beams.


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