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Concrete Floor Repair & Restoration for Manufacturing Facilities

The production and manufacturing market consists of entities that convert raw materials into finished products. According to NACE, there are $17.6 billion of corrosion costs associated with this industry.

The surface applied solutions that SURTREAT® designs maintain the facilities of the entities that we partner with so that they can achieve their intended purposes.

Concrete Floor Repair Treatment

SURTREAT® concrete solutions are created to migrate through the concrete clearing it from contaminants, making it harder and resistant to daily wear and tear as well as chemical damage.

The services that SURTREAT® provides prevent contamination and resist the penetration that occurs when contaminants are spilled onto concrete. The SURTREAT® process seals and hardens concrete surfaces while providing protection against acid and salt attacks.

SURTREAT® recognizes the unique conditions and functions of structures and realizes that the same solution cannot be applied to every structure.

Our concrete restoration applications are unique to reflect the best structural interests of the existing structures.

SURTREAT® Treatment Addresses:

  • Deterioration due to exposure
  • Concrete floors exposed to water leakage
  • Moisture from entering the building by sealing outside walls
  • Further deterioration of the concrete structure
  • Oil spills and staining with SURTREAT® cleaning applications
  • Deterioration, pitting, and cracking due to extended service
  • Prevention of contamination from spills

Concrete Surface Preparation

SURTREAT® product lines offer a combination of uses to restore and repair concrete floors and surfaces. We provide solutions to seal and treat concrete floors, making the surface noticeably harder. Our applications flow into cracks and holes of the concrete, as well as seal and stabilize the concrete floor.

SURTREAT® starts the concrete floor repair and surface preparation by removing the old coating. We then manually scrape to remove loose materials followed by a thorough vacuum clean of the concrete floor.

Concrete Testing With Every Project

Our team ensures that the quality of our products aligns with the quality of our service. We are committed to identifying the appropriate solution and application to use as well as being there every step of the way. This includes expert application as well as detailed concrete testing reports to show you how the concrete lifespan has increased and hard numbers for corrosion reduction.

Our Production & Manufacturing Concrete Solutions Exist Within:

  • Agricultural Production
  • Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical Structures
  • Food Processing facilities
  • Mining
  • Oil-Gas structures
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Pulp & Paper structures
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Production and Manufacturing Restoration Projects


Leprino Cheese Company

The floor in the acid storage area is experiencing significant deterioration. The epoxy covering is delaminated and easily peels away. Aggregate is popping out of the floor. The delaminated coating and loose concrete needs to be removed and the exposed concrete chemically treated to reverse the deteriorative effects of acid and caustic attack.


Duquesne Light Company

The projects buildings identified as Building #I, Hazardous Waste Storage and Building #2, Nonhazardous Oil Storage are located at the Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station and are used to store liquid and dry materials. Both buildings have concrete floors which have been treated and protected by Surtreat Corp. to prevent contamination in case of accidental spills.


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