As a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE), we strive  to create, develop and sustain a global, inclusive culture, where differences drive innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers to extend the service life of their structure.

Our concrete solutions offer a systemic approach utilizing chemistry to permanently inhibit corrosion in reinforced concrete elements and provide an alternative to less permanent costly concrete repair practices (or cycles). Our solutions react chemically with the cement phase of concrete to improve its properties. Surtreat’s concrete applications restore and improve concrete strength, reduce permeability, and inhibit corrosion of the embedded reinforcement. This reduces the need for removal and replacement methods ordinarily associated with concrete repair work.  Our solutions reduce costs and provide for longer lasting concrete restoration and protection results. Our materials extend structure service life, reduce maintenance costs associated with structure operation, and protect the environment by restoring the properties of substrates and minimizing repair remove and replace.


Tony Fiasco
Co-Founder & President

With over 30 years of industry experience, Tony provides SURTREAT® with a technical focus. He consults the group regarding SURTREAT® technology, operations, and marketing. Tony’s leadership goes beyond the company; he is on the Board of Directors of Federal Credit Union and an active member of Pittsburgh ACI Chapter.

Tony spent 18 years with Allied Signal Corp. in finance, auditing, and general management positions ranging from Controller to Manager of Financial Operations. Following Allied Signal, Tony was Executive Vice President of a distribution and energy company, and prior to Surtreat, President of an inland marine transportation company. He is a graduate of Rutgers University and holds a B.S. in Accounting.

Robert Walde
Co-Founder & Vice President (Chief Technical Officer)

Focused on the developments in surface applied technology, Bob manages the research and development of the solutions SURTREAT® provides. Bob leads the production of products at SURTREAT® and also stands as the President of BCI Coating LLC, where paint VCI primer is made.

Bob’s extensive background in technology, chemical research, industrial design, and market development has made him an integral part of SURTEAT®’s business model. Most of Bob’s career has been spent with major U.S. companies – Allegheny International, Air Products, American Bioculture and Gulf Oil Corp., where he was Vice President-Technology. Bob has 25 U.S. Patents under his name and holds degrees from Georgetown, Carnegie-Mellon and Lehigh Universities in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Business Administration.

Julie Mizzi
Chief Executive Officer & President

As the CEO and President, Julie provides the support necessary to build the SURTREAT® brand of surface applied technologies and concrete solutions. With over 40 years in the field of specialty concrete repair and restoration, Julie’s leadership is focused on actively increasing sales and margins for the company in a variety of outlets.

Julie’s experience has led her to make key business decisions for the company. Her background includes project management, specialized concrete restoration, Shotcrete, hydro-demolition, concrete repair, carbon fiber, sacrificial corrosion protection, chloride extraction, post-tensioning repair, and installation of proprietary tools and products.




Watch to see our what our founders, Robert Walde and Anthony Fiasco, are most excited about for the future of Surtreat and what projects have been some of the most memorable for them. 


Surtreat is an active member in the corrosion community, taking part in many organizations and groups that focus on exploring and discussing corrosion related matters. Below are some of the groups and certifications that Surtreat is proud to belong to:

In 1996, Surtreat Solutions, Inc. under the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 signed a Space Act Agreement to evaluate and advance corrosion prevention and inhibition technology for steel reinforced concrete structures.

Our ties with ICRI go back to the moving efforts of Robert Walde, a SURTREAT® founder part of producing the corrosion guidelines for surface applied corrosion inhibitors. Our solutions are directly in line with the ICRI guidelines that defines practices used for sustainable solutions within the concrete repair industry.

UFGS warrants the credibility of our solutions in any federal, US Army Corp of Engineers design projects. Any project that requires corrosion inhibitors and is guided by the UFGS specification can be fulfilled by our solutions.

As a member of the American Concrete Institute, we share and help develop governing codes and guidelines for the concrete community. We aso use our membership to keep informed on the latest and greatest in corrosion fighting technology. 







SURTREAT® was started in Pittsburgh by Bob Walde and Tony Fiasco

SURTREAT® Founders

Focused on the sustainability of infrastructure, Bob Walde and Tony Fiasco founded Surtreat Solutions, Inc. to implement a new and unique system to address concrete deterioration. It included the chemical restoration of the cement properties of the deteriorating concrete structures and corrosion inhibition of the embedded reinforcement.


Concrete Restoration of Allright Parking Garage

Concrete Restoration Project: 85% Cost Reduction

We completed the restoration of Allright Parking Garage in Columbus Ohio producing 85% cost reduction for the owners over bid alternatives by using remove and replace optimization techniques based on SURTREAT® technology.


Contracted with NASA for Advanced Corrosion Prevention

Space Act Agreement

In 1996, Surtreat Solutions, Inc. under the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 signed a Space Act Agreement to evaluate and advance corrosion prevention and inhibition technology for steel reinforced concrete structures.


Concrete Restoration Project Completed for NASA

Launch Pad 39A

NASA completed the concrete restoration work on Launch Pad 39A using SURTREAT® solutions for corrosion inhibition of the embedded reinforcement.


Certification in the Republic of Korea and European Union

Certification Process Completed

Completed multi-year certification process by government agencies in the Republic of Korea and the European Union. SURTREAT® solutions are certified to inhibit corrosion of the embedded reinforcement, increase strength, reduce permeability, reduce water soluble chloride content, resist chemical attack on concretes exposed to aggressive deleterious environments.


10-Year Corrosion Study at US Army Base in Okinawa, Japan

Contract With US Army Corps of Engineers

In 2006, Surtreat Solutions, Inc. signed a contract the US Army Corps of Engineers CERL for a ten-year corrosion study at the US Army Base in Okinawa, Japan. Upon successful completion in 2017, a new standard was added to the United Facilities Guide Specification (UFGS) reflecting proper concrete applications techniques and evaluation for the corrosion inhibition of the embedded steel reinforcement on concrete. By this, SURTREAT® solutions for concrete applications are approved by all branches of the US Military and NASA for use.

2005 – Present

Infrastructure Repair: Bridge Restoration

The Federal Highway Administration Bridge Preservation Program

Participated in The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Bridge Preservation Program applying SURTREAT® solutions to 355 bridges to date and 4,079,000 square feet of concrete.


Created New and Advanced Concrete Solutions with SurCo Product Lines

New Line of SURTREAT® Materials

Developed and introduced new lines of SURTREAT® solutions. New applications for concrete preservation and protection encompassing all aspects of concrete restoration work.


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