Concrete structures designated for parking deteriorate for a variety of reasons. Poor original design, poor maintenance practices often contribute to the appearance of all too familiar scaling spalling delamination and corrosion. It is common to judge the condition of a structure by those markers. Once the outward symptoms are detected, corrective action is usually required to remedy the issue. This may include removal and replacement of the spalled and delaminated areas, attempts at corrosion remediation by installing new rebar instead of corroded sections, placing a coating and other activity to make the structure appear renewed. 

However what commonly is considered physical deterioration are just the visible symptoms of the underlying problem. Although delamination and spalling may appear localized to a few areas this does not mean that the adjacent sections  of concrete without the symptoms are in good condition. The deteriorative processes affect the structure throughout. Physically replacing a few relatively small pieces of it does not mean resolution. The deteriorative processes tend to accelerate with time. 

SURTREAT solution targets the underlying cause of concrete deterioration addressing the issues of corrosion, surface disintegration, delamination, and spalling through chemical and physical changes to the cement matrix. Once the deteriorative processes are inhibited physical repairs can be implemented on a structure to restore surface appearance. By addressing the underlying causes of concrete deterioration SURTREAT provides a permanent solution to the task of concrete deterioration and protection. 

By: Max Merzlikin