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VCI Corroded Metal Solutions

VCI Coatings, LLC is a migrating surface applied solutions for Corroded Steel and military grade Anti‐Corrosion Coatings which eliminate the need for surface preparation like sandblasting/grinding to white metal. Performance in laboratory and oceanside NASA/KSC exposures on both clean and rust covered steel show superior performance for corrosion resistance in comparison to same coating without the VCI agent added.

  • VCI Primer as a direct to metal coating formulated for application of rust covered steel.
  • Performance on rust covered steel is equal to that on clean steel and results in significant reduction in cost by removal of need to clean surface to white steel condition.
  • VCI agent can be added to direct to steel maintenance coatings  such as all 2‐part poly aide epoxy coatings meeting military specification 24441.

Shore Corporation Solutions

Shore Corporation, Inc. manufactures performance based chemical formulations including all SURTREAT® products, VCI Coatings, Additives, and Shore-best line of cleaning and protective solutions. This cutting-edge chemical technology cleans, restores, and protects better than traditional methods like sandblasting and muriatic acid while still being gentle enough to be used in the most demanding projects like the restoration of the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court buildings.


Seawall Repair Network

Seawall Repair Network is a network of partners whose mission is to provide afforable, effective repair for damanged and failing seawalls. Through the use of several propreitary technologies, the Seawall Repair Network offers next generation repair methods.

  • Proprietary technology provides repair to leaking cracks in the seawall, stabilizes surrounding soil, permanently strengthens and repairs soil damage, prevents future erosion, all while being safe for the environment.
  • Automatically removes any future water that builds up behind the seawall. Unchecked water build-up causes hydrostatic pressure which cracks and damages even the strongest seawalls.
  • Repair Structural Damage to Seawall Caps and Panelsby employing high-strength epoxy and concrete repair materials. This process restores strength and integrity to the structure.
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Concrete Restoration Projects


Ocean City Longport Bridge

The Ocean City Longport Bridge in New Jersey had visual micro-cracking in the bridge deck concrete. This micro-cracking occurred the entire length even though the bridge had only been in service for less than a year.


Turnpike Bridge EB-526

Turnpike had bridge deterioration and increasing structure life back in the mid-90s. Some signs of rebar corrosion and deterioration were present. The bridge deck was an asphalt surface over reinforced concrete.


Railroad Overpass

Railroad overpass had concrete deck failure; surface failure, rebar corrosion and exposure, and concrete spalling. Failure was consistent with chloride contamination and chemical breakdown of the concrete.


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