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Location: Detriot, Michigan

Structure: Manholes


Prior to application of SURTREAT® the brick surfaces were soft and experiencing surface spalling. The concrete ceiling and floors were also showing symptoms of deterioration. Steel supports and fixtures were experiencing significant corrosion. The concrete surfaces were reactive with hydrochloric acid.


After SURTREAT® applications all surfaces were noticeable harder and stronger. The concrete surfaces were inert to reaction with hydrochloric acid. Rusted steel surfaces were hard and stable, the rust was no longer friable. Some of the surfaces turned white indicating that adsorbed chlorides were being chemically complexed and purged to the surface.

SURTREAT® formulation performance appeared to be in line with expectations, based on results obtained from other steam manhole projects. It is anticipated that further brick and concrete deterioration and steel corrosion has been arrested.

SURTREAT® Solutions

  • Inhibits salt, water, air and contaminates from penetrating the concrete and forms a better seal in the pores and micro cracks
  • Controls pH and maintains the high alkalinity in the  concrete and is highly acid resistant
  • Migrates to the rebar in liquid and ionic phase and reacts to form a very stable passivating film – more stable than in new concrete
  • Converts rust to a stable, inert compound – and increases compressive, flexural, and tensile strength. Also increases hardness and abrasion resistance

Scope of Work

  • Perform inspection of existing structure
  • Restoration and protection of Detroit Edison Steam

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