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Location: Waverly, New York


Restoration and protection of concrete floors in acid and caustic storage areas at the Leprino Cheese Plant.


The floor in the acid storage area is experiencing significant deterioration. The epoxy covering is delaminated and easily peels away. Aggregate is popping out of the floor. The delaminated coating and loose concrete needs to be removed and the exposed concrete chemically treated to reverse the deteriorative effects of acid and caustic attack.


The SURTREAT® concrete restoration and protection process is based on the application of water soluble, nontoxic chemical formulations to concrete surfaces. These formulations penetrate the surface and chemically combine with the cement to reverse the effects of chemical and physical attack.

SURTREAT® is a proprietary, water based, environmentally friendly solution of activators and migratory aids that inhibits rebar corrosion, increases strength and reduces porosity in reinforced concrete.

SURTREAT® Solutions

  • Inhibits salt, water, air and contaminates from penetrating the concrete and forms a better seal in the pores and micro cracks
  • Controls pH and maintains the high alkalinity in the  concrete and is highly acid resistant
  • Migrates to the rebar in liquid and ionic phase and reacts to form a very stable passivating film – more stable than in new concrete
  • Converts rust to a stable, inert compound – and increases compressive, flexural, and tensile strength. Also increases hardness and abrasion resistance

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