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Location: Great Neck, Long Island, NY

Structure: 260 Linear Foot Sheet Pile Seawall


Customer came to Surtreat certified applicator LJS Waterproofing with concerns with the severely corroded steel. Obvious loss of soil and voids were also noted to be areas of concern for the customer.

Obvious soil loss and voids had formed on the interior side of the sea wall, exposing the inside of the seawall to corrosion and contaminants.

Several areas of the wall had become brittle, corroded, and ineffective due to corrosion. 

Several areas of the wall had become brittle, corroded, and ineffective due to corrosion. 


Voids were filled with dirt, rock, and sand before LJS Waterproofing, using SWRN proprietary installation process, drove pipes down every 5’ along the steel seawall. Using upward staging and SW-RP1 resin, LJS injected 10 gallons a pipe.

LJS Waterproofing, using grinders, removed barnacles, marine life, and metal corrosion. Once grout filled the holes in the sheet piles, Sikadur 32 Epoxy was applied to secure the holes.

LJS Waterproofing’s crew filling voids within the seawall. 

Proper preperation of the seawall is critical for solution components to perform. 

Removal of extreme metal corrosion and marine life ensures a surface that is ready for the solution to be applied.


Jet filter holes were drilled using magnetic drill presses after which the first coat of VCI Primer was applied to prevent future rusting. VCI Primer was applied using Graco 395 Air Sprayer pump with a Graco RAC 5 286421 Switch Tip.

Final Coat of VCI Primer was applied and Jet Filters installed.

The first coat of VCI primer is applied to prevent future corrosion to the seawall and preserve its structural integrity. 

Jet filter holes were dilled and the filters were installed between coats of VCI primer to ensure even coating around the drilled holes. 

A final coat of VCI primer was applied to the seawall to seal the wall and prevent future corrosion. 



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