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Location: St. Mary’s County, Maryland

Structure: Four Concrete Pad Program


As a result of constant aircraft traffic random fine cracks have developed on the surface of the concrete. If left untreated, these cracks will enlarge. These cracks then lead to the formation of concrete fragments, foreign object debris (FOD), which can become airborne and have the potential of being sucked into jet engines causing damage.


SURTREAT® is a proprietary, water based, environmentally friendly solution of activators and migratory aids that inhibits rebar corrosion, increases strength and reduces porosity in reinforced concrete.

SURTREAT® Solutions

  • Inhibits salt, water, air and contaminates from penetrating the concrete and forms a better seal in the pores and micro cracks
  • Controls pH and maintains the high alkalinity in the  concrete and is highly acid resistant
  • Migrates to the rebar in liquid and ionic phase and reacts to form a very stable passivating film – more stable than in new concrete
  • Converts rust to a stable, inert compound – and increases compressive, flexural, and tensile strength. Also increases hardness and abrasion resistance

Scope of Work

Surtreat’s TPSII and TPSIV were applied to four separate 50 sq feet parcels. Of these four parcels, (pads) pad one, which is closest to the generator, was a mix of both old and freshly poured concrete. The outside perimeter of pad one, approximately one foot wide was made up of old concrete. The middle of the pad was made up of freshly poured concrete. The second pad, which is forty feet off the taxi line towards the water, was made up of all freshly poured concrete. The third pad is also made up of freshly poured concrete and is located along the river towards the runways fifty feet right of pad two. The fourth pad is located back across the taxi line towards the hanger and adjacent to pad one. Pad four consisted of all old concrete.

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