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Location: Houston County, Georgia


Synthetic hydraulic fluid and engine oil leaking from B-l Bombers in beddown areas react with the concrete pads and cause the concrete to become weak. Gas turbine and engine exhaust causes the concrete to fragment resulting in possible foreign object damage (FOD). Because of exhaust temperature, coatings cannot be used to protect the concrete from attack by the synthetic oils.

A concrete composition and surface treatment evaluation program is being conducted at the new B-l base being constructed at Robins Air Force Base. The addition of silica fume and fly ash to low water cement ratio concrete mixes and the use of aluminum silicate cement-based concrete are being evaluated. In addition, the application of chemical formulations developed by Surtreat Corp. to the concrete surface is being evaluated.


SURTREAT® is a proprietary, water based, environmentally friendly solution of activators and migratory aids that inhibits rebar corrosion, increases strength and reduces porosity in reinforced concrete.

SURTREAT® Solutions were applied to the concrete surface where they penetrated and reacted with the cement phase resulting in a decrease in porosity and acid reactivity, and an increase in pH and strength. The reduction in porosity and acid reactivity is critical for protecting the concrete pads from degradation due to adsorption of and reaction with synthetic oils.

Since the SURTREAT® formulations penetrate and react with the cement and become part of the inorganic structure, there should be no loss of properties due to engine exhaust exposure.

SURTREAT® Solutions

  • Inhibits salt, water, air and contaminates from penetrating the concrete and forms a better seal in the pores and micro cracks
  • Controls pH and maintains the high alkalinity in the  concrete and is highly acid resistant
  • Migrates to the rebar in liquid and ionic phase and reacts to form a very stable passivating film – more stable than in new concrete
  • Converts rust to a stable, inert compound – and increases compressive, flexural, and tensile strength. Also increases hardness and abrasion resistance

Scope of Work

  • Perform inspection of existing structure

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