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Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Structure: Parking Garage


The issue within the structure included garage floor concrete deterioration and corrosion of the imbedded steel wearing. The problem was accelerated by chemical/physical breakdown, chloride contamination, steel corrosion, wear/impact, and freeze/thaw.


SURTREAT® was applied to improve the chemical and physical properties of the concrete, inhibit deterioration, improve durability and longevity of the parking structure by:

  • Increasing compressive strength
  • Reducing permeability
  • Elevating/Moderating pH
  • Reducing chemical (acid/chloride) contamination
  • Reducing rate of corrosion of the imbedded rebar and surrounding steel fixtures

SURTREAT® Solutions

  • Inhibits salt, water, air and contaminates from penetrating the concrete and forms a better seal in the pores and micro cracks
  • Controls pH and maintains the high alkalinity in the  concrete and is highly acid resistant
  • Migrates to the rebar in liquid and ionic phase and reacts to form a very stable passivating film – more stable than in new concrete
  • Converts rust to a stable, inert compound – and increases compressive, flexural, and tensile strength. Also increases hardness and abrasion resistance

Scope of Work

  • Perform inspection of existing structure
  • SURTREAT® solutions were applied using a mobile dispensing unit and by spraying using an electric and hand pump
  • The project was completed on time with specified results

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