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Repel SB OL – Concrete, Brick, Stone and Mortar

Surtreat Repel SB OL is a solvent solution of a very effective reactive water repellent combined with a durable fluorocarbon oils and stain repellent. Either technology alone would make this a premium product but the synergy of the ingredients working together form a durable, non-visible, penetrating treatment on most construction material surfaces. This product will create an oil and water repellent shield on concrete, wood, masonry, and cloth surfaces. This product can be used on exterior concrete and masonry, as well as interior masonry decorative and stone surfaces. It is effective in blocking the absorption of both petroleum oils and food grade fats and oils.


This product is formulated with VOC exempt solvents and meets the VOC requirements of the OTC model states.


Clean all surfaces to be treated to avoid sealing dirt or organic growth. Provide protection for all surfaces not intended to be treated. Test all areas to determine if there may be any adverse undesirable or adverse surface effects. Surtreat Repel SB OL is non-visible on most porous surfaces. But only a test application will determine if there is any change that might be unacceptable. Allow the test area to dry before making the final determination regarding acceptance of the project. Dense substrates like slate may appear darker unless excess is removed before completely dry. If used indoors provide for adequate ventilation to avoid buildup of flammable vapors.


5 gallon pail and 55 gallon drum.

Caution and Safety

Handling: SURTREAT Repel SB OL is to be applied by professional contractors only. All applicators should wear OSHA and NIOSH recommended protective equipment. Do not use or dilute the product in closed areas without adequate ventilation. Immediately close the container after removal of the solution. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Do not smoke, eat or drink during application. Wash thoroughly after handling. Keep out of reach of children. Do not inhale or ingest or modify the solution. Refer to MSDS.

Clean Up: In case of spills or leaks, wear suitable protective equipment. Contain spill and collect with absorbent material or process and transfer to a suitable container, ventilate area. Avoid contact. Dispose of in accordance with current, applicable local, state and federal regulations.

Precautions: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT SWALLOW. Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid mist and direct contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Wear suitable protective goggles, gloves, and clothing. In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment. If you feel ill, seek medical advice. Wash clothing prior to re-use.

Physical / Chemical Characteristics 

Boiling Point: > 35 C (> 95 F)
Flash Point: < 23 C (< 73 F)
Specific Gravity: 0.87
pH: 5-6
Emulsification: Not emulsifiable
Dilution: Shipped RTU, do not dilute
Appearance and Odor: Clear thin liquid, ester odor
Shelf Life: 24 months in sealed container
Storage: Cool ventilated area

Application Procedure 

The surface and the substrate must be completely dry before application. Wait at least two hours after the surface appears to be completely dry. Apply undiluted Surtreat Repel SB OL to clean dry surfaces by brush, spray or roller making sure that a thorough saturation of the surface is accomplished. DO NOT USE an atomizing paint sprayer. On average the application rate should be 300 – 400 square foot per gallon on porous surfaces. Coverage on sparingly porous surfaces like slate, granite and marble may be higher. On smooth or polished surfaces like slate, granite, marble, and tile application with a microfiber or alike pad will give a more even distribution and appearance. For polished surfaces like countertops use a paper towel or a soft cloth to wipe up the excess after 15 minutes to avoid darkening the color. If the substrate is very porous and a heavier application is required, two thinner coats are better than one heavy one.


  • Surtreat Repel SB OL is for use by professional contractors only. All masonry surfaces must be free of any material that would prevent penetration. Application should not be undertaken when rain is expected within 24 hours or if there is dew, frost, or ice on the surface. If the fluid comes in contact with window glass or other surfaces not intended to be treated remove immediately by wiping with a dry cloth and then one wetting with paint thinner or alcohol. Applications may cause a slight to moderate color enhancement of some surfaces.



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