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SURTREAT REPEL WB – Concrete, Brick, Stone and Mortar

Surtreat Repel WB is a ready to use stabilized water dispersion of advanced siloxanes designed to provide complete protection against water intrusion. Optimized for use on concrete, brick, stone, and mortar.


Our Surtreat Repel WB formula provides outstanding water repellency, penetrates easily, is UV resistant and can not be peeled or scratched off of the applied surface. This formula is also a compliant VOC. Our products are all extensively testing in both laboratory and field environments through testing and analysis. This formula also provides superior protection against atmospheric pollutants, superior protection against waterborne pollutants (salt, etc.). and prevents mold and mildew formation. Our products can be applied to various substrates with wider range of pH.

Special Features

SURTREAT TPS IV increases surface hardness and strength. Appropriate for areas of heavy traffic such as loading zones. For use in chemically aggressive environments where acid, salt, or oil/hydraulic liquid contamination and erosion is confirmed or expected. Often is used in combination with SURTREAT TPS II and SURTREAT REPEL WB to provide a full spectrum protection.


5 gallon pail and 55 gallon drum.


Caution and Safety

Handling: Repel WB is to be applied by professional contractors only. All applicators should wear OSHA and NIOSH recommended protective equipment. Do not use or dilute the product in closed areas without adequate ventilation. Immediately close the container after removal of the solution. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Do not smoke, eat or drink during application. Wash thoroughly after handling. Keep out of reach of children. Do not inhale or ingest or modify the solution. Refer to MSDS.

Clean Up: In case of spills or leaks, wear suitable protective equipment. Contain spill and collect with absorbent material or process and transfer to a suitable container, ventilate area. Avoid contact. Dispose of in accordance with current, applicable local, state and federal regulations.

Precautions: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT SWALLOW. Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid mist and direct contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Wear suitable protective goggles, gloves, and clothing. In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment. If you feel ill, seek medical advice. Wash clothing prior to re-use.



Physical / Chemical Characteristics 

Boiling Point: 212° F
pH: Neutral
Specific Gravity: 0.91
Solubility in Water: 100% Miscible
Appearance and Odor: Milky white with almost no odor
Shelf Life: 24 months in sealed container
Storage: Store at 40-95F – Protect from freezing

Where To Use

Repel WB is recommended for use on horizontal and vertical surfaces:

  • Stonework structures (buildings, bridges, etc.)
  • Brick and mortar walls and walkways
  • Stucco and other masonry fascia
  • Unsealed pavers, tiles, blocks
  • Types of granite and marble
  • Various cement based decorative building components and statuary
  • Patios, driveways, sidewalks, and balconies For use in industrial, manufacturing, factory setting
  • Bridges and bridge components in-situ or pre-cast
  • Parking facilities
  • Airport facilities
  • Marine and ocean-front structures and properties
  • New construction and historical preservation

Application Procedure 

Prior to applying Repel WB the surface must be clean, sound, and reasonably dry.

Application: Repel WB is applied by roller, brush or low pressure spray. When spraying, use conventional low pressure (20 psi) airless spray system or hand-pressure equipment. A minimum of one application is sufficient in most cases. Apply two light coats for added durability and performance. Drying time will depend on environmental conditions, and absorbency of substrates. Distribution rate should be about 200 sf/gal. It can be adjusted depending on project requirements.


For product limitations and guidelines, please see below:

  • Minimum ambient temperature and substrate temperature of 35° F.
  • Do not apply when rain is expected or temperature is expected to fall below freezing within twelve hours.
  • Not proven to be effective to repel oil. Use SURTREAT REPEL OIL for oil resistant floors and structure components.
  • Use SURTREAT TPS products as pre-treatment to inhibit and prevent corrosion of the imbedded steel.
  • Use SURTREAT TPS products as pre-treatment to inhibit chloride penetration in the areas where hydrostatic pressure is applied.
  • Not for use on non-porous substrates.




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