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  • Water Lines
  • Sewer Systems 
  • Drinking Water Systems 
  • Drainage 
  • Runoff Systems


Our goal is to preserve, protect, restore, and repair concrete surfaces exposed to aggressive environments, pollutants, acid rain, freeze/thaw, and other destructive phenomena. We achieve this by chemically modifying the properties of Portland cement concrete by improving strength, reducing permeability, providing for chemical resistivity and inhibiting the embedded rebar corrosion.

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Concrete Strengthener, Cleaner, and Repair Agent for Potable Water Systems and More

SurCoRepair is a group of concrete repair products used to restore the properties of deteriorating concrete structures without extensive remove and replace efforts. 

Concrete substrates are formed and gain their properties by chemical reaction of cement with the water component added. With time, these properties are lost primarily by chemical means. Our specialized concrete repair solution reconstitutes cement bonds and creates new ones to reform, repair, and protect concrete cohesion.

SurCoRepair solutions are part of the SURTREAT® solution to preserve existing substrates and minimize the otherwise necessary amount of remove and replace.

Seawall Repair

Surtreat Solutions is combining our technology with the Seawall Repair Network to form a new innovative environmentally friendly solution to a problem which is of crisis proportions.

Polyurethane injection resin and surface-applied preservation solutions work together to stabilize and preserve seawalls and other waterfront barrier systems. These two unique technologies come together to form an unbeatable combination. The technology that Surtreat Solutions provides was made custom for the application to seawalls through a partnership with the Seawall Repair Network. 

SurCoRepair PW solution benefits existing concrete structures by:

  • Increasing concrete strength
  • Reducing permeability
  • Inhibiting the embedded rebar corrosion
  • Reducing water-soluble chloride content
  • Moderating the pH


Extra Protection with Water Repellent Components

A water repellent component of SurCoRepair solution is designed to provide an additional layer of protection against freeze/thaw, acid rain and other common deleterious phenomena hazardous to the exposed surfaces.

SurCoRepair materials restrict liquid moisture penetration while allowing vapor to escape. SURTREAT® SurCoRepair applied surfaces easily retain their ability to breathe.

New Concrete Surfaces Benefit from SurCoRepair Treatment

SurCoRepair solutions are also appropriate for new surfaces. Applying our solution will permanently protect new concrete surfaces exposed to extreme aggressive and chemical environments. Invisible on the surface, SurCoRepair solutions penetrate fully and combine with the cement phase becoming part of the structure.

New structures treated with SurCoRepair solutions exhibit higher compressive and tensile strength, resistance to water and liquid penetration, chloride infiltration, and the embedded rebar corrosion resistance.

Where newly constructed structure exhibit substandard performance characteristics due to poor construction practices, contractor mistakes, poor design, weather intrusion, etc., our SurCoRepair solution can bring in the necessary correction with improved strength, reduced permeability, and corrosion protection.

Proven Materials for Concrete Strengthening & Dirty Concrete

Surfaces Treated:

Water Systems

Drainage Systems


Water Tanks

Runoff Systems 


SURTREAT® provides:

Pre-testing to determine the condition of the structure

Solution specification

Solution implementation

Follow up inspection and post-testing



ASTM D6489


UFGS 09 97 23.17 Sections 2.2-1,2,3

ICRI Guide 510.2-2019 Sections 5.2, 5.4


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