This year at Surtreat Solutions was a great year for our company. Our growth this year has been fantastic and we welcomed new members to our team, created new solutions, and established new, exciting partnerships. Below, we detail some of our annual highlights for 2021. 


New Projects 

Surtreat Solutions is excited to announce some of our new projects that we started this year! These projects were results of our dedicated engineers, sales agents, and certified applicator’s efforts to help structure owners save thousands of dollars in maintenance through our proprietary solutions. Below, we detail some of our favorite projects from this year and the solutions we utilized to strengthen, clean, and protect their concrete! 

Okinawa Military Base – Surtreat Solutions was ecstatic to be chosen to help strengthen a critical part of our nation’s defense infrastructure. Surtreat products will be used to strengthen concrete at the Okinawa Military Base in Okinawa, Japan. 

Love’s Park Garage – Surtreat Solutions was excited for the chance to help a parking structure owner save on maintenance and repair costs for deteriorated parts of his parking garage. Using a combination of Surtreat’s products, our team of solution specialists were able to create a custom solution that helped to address every part of this custom’s structural needs. 

New Solutions Created 

This year, our research and development team was hard at work creating new solutions to solve our customer’s unique problems and issues with their concrete. Below are some of the new solutions that were created that reflect the dedication our team has for strengthening and protecting your concrete assets. 

Seawall Solution – Through our partnership with the Seawall Repair Network, our researches created a solution specifically tailored to the repair process of seawalls. A water repellent component of our seawall solution is designed to provide an additional layer of protection against freeze/thaw, acid rain and other common deleterious phenomena hazardous to the exposed surfaces.

Roofing Tiles Solution – One of our newest solutions to be added to our product range is our roofing tile solution. This solution addresses deterioration and corrosion of roofing materials. Our development team created this solution to address a client’s specific structural problem and we are proud to now offer it as another one of our turn-key systems. 

FRP Corrosion Preventing Primer – Along with our other two new solutions, Surtreat has created a FRP primer that not only treats existing corrosion on the structure but also helps to prevent further corrosion from occurring underneath the FRP install.

SurCoShield – Concrete structures that experience concrete abrasion often need strengthening to protect the surface. All types of concrete structures have the need for more durable, harder, and less permeable concrete surfaces to be in place. Whether your surface deteriorates by impact and abrasion due to heavy traffic, chemical spills, environmental impact, or anything else, SurCoShield is the complete concrete surface repair agent for your structure’s protection.

New Team Members 

Expanding our team this year was another highlight of 2021! We are excited that our team continues to grow and want to welcome our two new team members, Costen King and Camden Cortes, to the team! They are joining our Marketing and Sales departments as we continue to expand our team to better serve our customers and to continue to innovate. 

New Certified Applicators

We are also very excited to announce one of our new certified applicator that we partnered with in 2021! We want to welcome LJS Waterproofing to our team of certified applicators! They are based in the greater New York area and will assist us on installing our solutions across the East Coast! LJS Waterproofing specializes in waterproofing and chemical grout injection.