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When it comes to concrete restoration and protection, each project is a little different. That is why we have a network of sales agents around the country that make is easy for on site visits, demonstrations, and more. Our concrete restoration and concrete repair experts come to you and asses the project, making sure our prescriptive solutions are the perfect answer to your problem.  

New Jersey Concrete Repair Specialist Contact Information

New Jersey Sales Agent

Mary Grubbs
1 S Corporate Drive Suite C,
Riverdale, NJ, 7457


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– Rebar Corrosion Treatment

– Weak Concrete Treatment

– New Concrete Admixture for Corrosion Protection

– Concrete Strengthening Products

– Concrete Cleaning Systems

– Concrete Protection Systems 

– FRP Corrosion Inhibiting Primers

– Spalling Inhibitor 

Brick & Limestone Protection System


How does SURTREAT® compare to competitive options?

A SURTREAT® application means reduced costs associated with concrete restoration and long term expenditures associated with structure operation and maintenance. SURTREAT® application means quality and individually optimized process and installations. SURTREAT® application means long term solutions and concrete structure life extension services.

How can SURTREAT® save costs and reduce maintenance expenditures?

SURTREAT® concrete restoration and protection applications are cost effective. Costs associated with concrete structure restoration are reduced directly by restoring the properties of the existing substrates and minimizing the amount of remove and replace. By targeting the cause of the deterioration rather than just the symptoms subsequent concrete structure maintenance expenditures are also reduced.

How do SURTREAT® applications maintain quality?

A SURTREAT® application means quality. We assess test and evaluate structures prior to generating a solution. Our approach is to optimize the resources, correct and adjust where necessary to produce the desired outcomes. By controlling the process from development and materials manufacture to post project assessment and reporting SURTREAT® applications stand alone with regards to performance.

Are SURTREAT® applications warrantied?

Surtreat Solutions, Inc. warrants all products to be free of defects and perform as specified. Project specific warranties are also available.

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