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Become a SURTREAT® Certified Applicator or Sales Representative

Our Certified Applicators and Sales Reps are growing nationally and around the world. Join our growing team to stay ahead of the curve in our industry with many other benfits listed below.


  • Our Certified Applicators get leads from our growing network of agents aruond the world
  • Training for the most innovative technologies for surface spplied treatments
  • Be part of a reputable organization
  • Be part of the change that you want to see
  • Superior quality control
  • Assistance in Sales, Estimating, Diagnostic Testing, and many more
  • Extended warranty for Certified Applicators
  • Outstanding customer service


  • Join the SURTREAT® growing family all working together to bring awareness to a growing brand with innovative technologies
  • Offer your customers significant advantages including great savings and ecological benefits
  • Become an integral part of a highly reputable 30+ year firm
  • Be part of the change that you want to see
  • Excellent reputation
  • Superior quality control
  • Continual assistance in Sales, Estimating, Diagnostic Testing, and many more
  • Generous sales commisions

How do I apply?

Applying to be a Sales Rep or Certified Applicator is very simple! Contact us through the contact form below and we will give you all the required documentation that will allow you and your company to join our team of industry professionals!

What is required to be a Sales Rep?

All we require to be a SURTREAT® Sales Representatives is that you are excited and eager to learn from our surface applied concrete restoration solutions!

What is the training like for Sales Reps?

We offer comprehensive marketing training for our Sales Representatives. A Sales Representative trainee can expect a complete introduction into our company, our solutions, the problems we can solve, and how we solve them. Most importantly, Sales Representatives will reap the positive impact we create for our customers, agents, owners, contractors, and the environment.

Do you work with other organizations?

We have a large network of concrete restoration technologies that supplement our capabilities to repair and restore concrete without the need to remove and replace.

Additionally, we are constantly working with organizations like ICRI and ACI to create and design guidelines and specifications for surface applied corrosion inhibitors as well as many other applications!

What is required to be a certified applicator?

We require that our applicators be able to install the prescribed solution in accordance with our application guidelines and quality control. A Surtreat Certified Applicator will need to go through our introductory webinar and in person training prior to applicating our solutions. The good news is that we offer our applicators on-site training for a hands on approach!

What is the training like for Certified Applicators?

Training is a great opportunity to learn about what our solutions do and how they do it. We offer installation training to our certified applicators. 

We have a complete guide on how to install our systems in accordance with the engineer specifications, our installation manual, and our detailed quality control plan. The training consists of two phases. The first is classroom style training where our applicators will learn everything they need about SURTREAT®. This can be done through our library of webinars or in person.

The second part is a hands on training where we teach you the equipment, the product, how to use it, and how to install it!

What can I expect from becoming a certified applicator?

As a certified applicator you will be part of the SURTREAT® Network, this will give you access to leads that our sales representatives bring and will give you exclusivity to install our prescribed surface applied solutions.


Contact us for information on how to become a SURTREAT® Certified Applicator or Sales Rep and be part of our industry’s growing innovative technologies!

437 Grant Street, Frick Building Suite 1210, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 USA